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Councillors and Clerk

Rusthall Parish Council is made up of nine Councillors who give up their time to help administer, with a part time clerk, the affairs of the Parish. They meet monthly as a Full Council and additionally as members of various committees and working groups covering such matters as Planning, Finance and Allotments. Members of the public are welcome at these meetings. More….

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Parish Chairman

Barry Edwards –  01892 680296

Parish Clerk

Su Denne – 01892 520161

The Parish Council is divided into one committee and four working groups as follows:

Planning Committee

Cllr Barry Edwards (Chairman)
Cllr Jonathan Clark (Vice Chairman)
Cllr Alex Britcher

Cllr Doug Smith

Finance Committee

Cllr Jenny Blackburn (Chairman)
Cllr Barry Edwards
Cllr Alex Britcher

Cllr Hazel Duncombe

Allotment Committee

Cllr Barry Edwards (Vice Chairman)
Cllr Hazel Duncombe

Cllr Doug Smith


Highways Committee

Cllr Barry Edwards

Cllr Jenny Blackburn

Cllr Alex Britcher