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This page lists the Parish meeting agendas, minutes and Finance minutes. Please note that Parish minutes are only draft until they have been formally approved at the next meeting. For this reason only minutes that have been approved can be published on the site.

Anyone is welcome to attend a Parish Council meeting. Legally you do not have the right to speak during the formal Parish Council meeting as this is reserved for elected members of the Parish Council. However,  an open session for the public is set aside during which anyone can ask questions or make a statement on any issue relating to the community. Should you be unable to attend a meeting and would like to discuss a matter, please contact the Chairman Barry Edwards or the Parish Clerk, Su Denne.

Parish Council Agenda 2018

12th November 2018 Agenda

8th October 2018 Agenda

10th September 2018 Agenda

9th July 2018 Agenda

11th june 2018 Agenda


Annual Parish Meeting

9th April 2018 agenda

12th March 2018 Agenda public

12th February 2018 Agenda

8th January 2018 Agenda 

Parish Council Minutes


8th October 2018 Minutes

10th September 2018 Minutes

9th July 2018 Minutes

11th June 2018 Minutes

14th May 2018 Minutes

9th April 2018 Minutes

12th March 2018 minutes

12th February 2018 Minutes

8th January 2018 Minutes



11th December 2017

13th November 2017

9th October 2017 Minutes

11th September 2017 Minutes

10th July 2017 Minutes

12th June 2017 Minutes

8th May 2017 Minutes

Minutes 10th April 2017

Minutes 13th March 2017

Minutes 13th February 2017

Minutes 9th January 2017


December 12th 2016 Minutes

November 14th 2016 Minutes

October 10th 2016 Minutes

September 12th 2016 Minutes

July 11th 2016 Minutes

June 13th 2016 Minutes

May 9th 2016 Minutes

April 11th 2016 Minutes

March 14th 2016 Minutes

February 8th 2016 Minutes

January 11th 2016 Minutes


December 14th 2015 Minutes

November 9th 2015 Minutes

October 12th 2015 Minutes

September 14th 2015 Minutes

July 13th 2015 Minutes

Minutes for 8th June 2015

Minutes for 11th May 2015

Minutes for 13th April 2015

Minutes for 9th February 2015

Report of meeting held on 9th February at Freight Transport Association offices

Minutes for 12th January 2015


Parish Council Agenda


11th December 2017

13th November 2017 Agenda

9th October 2017

11th September 2017 Agenda

10th July 2017 Agenda

12th June 2017

8th May 2017 Agenda


10th April 2017 Agenda

Agenda 13th March 2017

Agenda February 2017

Agenda January 2017


Agenda December 2016

Agenda 14th November 2016


September 12th 2016 Agenda


Finance Agenda 2018

4th December 2018

19th September 2018 Agenda

23rd April 2018 Agenda

5th March 2018 Agenda


Finance Minutes


23rd April 2018 Minutes

5th March 2018 Minutes


30th November 2017 Minutes

19th October 2017 Minutes

25th September 2017 Minutes

16th March 2017 Minutes


5th December 2016 Minutes

3rd October 2016 Minutes

8th-August 2016-

May 5th 2016 Minutes


Minutes 2nd November 2015

Minutes 7th December 2015


Finance Agenda


30th November 2017 Agenda

19th October 2017 Agenda

25th September 2017 Agenda

16th March 2017 Agenda