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Planning Committee Agenda

16th April 2018 Agenda

26th March 2018

5th March 2018 Agenda

8th January 2018 Agenda

7th December 2017 Agenda

6th November 2017 Agenda

18th September 2017 Agenda

7th September 2017 Agenda

24th July 2017 Agenda

3rd July 2017 Agenda

8th June 2017 Agenda

15 May 2017

24th April 2017

20th March 2017 Agenda

Agenda 1st March 2017

6th February Agenda 2017

1 23rd January Agenda 2017

12th December Agenda 2016

26th September-2016 Agenda

31st August 2016 Agenda

1st August 2016 Planning Agenda

Agenda 14th July 2016


Planning Committee Minutes 2018

5th March 2018 Planning Minutes

8th January 2018 Minutes

Planning Committee Minutes 2017

7th December 2017 Minutes

6th November 2017 Planning Minutes

18th September 2017 Planning Minutes

7th September 2017 Planning Minutes

24th July 2017 Planning Minutes

3rd July 2017 Planning Minutes

8th June 2017 Planning Minutes

15th May 2017 Planning Minutes

24th April 2017 Minutes

20th March 2017 Minutes

1st March 2017 Minutes

6th February 2017 Minutes

23rd January 2017 Minutes

Planning Committee Minutes 2016

12th December 2016 Minutes

1st December 2016 Minutes

26th September 2016 Minutes

Planning Minutes 1st August 2016

Planning Minutes 14th July 2016

Planning Minutes 9th June 2016

Planning Minutes 23rd May 2016

Planning Minutes 10th March 2016

Planning Minutes15th February 2016

Planning Committee Minutes 2015

Planning Minutes 7th October 2015

Planning Meeting 3rd September 2015

Planning Minutes 4th July 2015

Planning Minutes June 8th 2015

Planning Committee Minutes 6th May 2015

Planning Committee Minutes 23rd April 2015

Planning Committee Minutes 16th March 2015

Planning Committee Minutes 2nd February 2015


To view the current planning applications in more detail please use the TWBC Planning Search and enter in the relevant code to see all documents corresponding to each application.